Aretha Grier

Master Technician / Owner

One of the most dedicated Non-Invasive Practitioners in the industry. Aretha has taken body contouring to the next level. Aretha is a proud wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. Aretha founded Reset Body Sculpting based off her own desperate need for a fresh start. Aretha's moto is "I heard its your time" and she makes sure each client feel like it's their moment.

Message from owner
"No matter how big Reset grows my approach will always be hands on. I understand the power in reclaiming your life and the support that is needed to stay on track."

We're proud to offer the highest quality, most unique body contouring spa in the industry. From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each procedure to give each client their desired results. We hope you enjoy each session as we enjoy those moments with you.

Dorian Clark

Lead Non- Invasive Practitioner Tech

Dorian Clark gives exceptional, quality service every time. Her results speaks for themselves. Dorian comes from a large family and gives a motherly vibe to her clients. Dorian specializes in our Brazilian Butt Lifts. Dorian understands just how to turn a booty into a beautiful derriere. Book with Dorian today.


Dulce Serrano

Travel Trainer Assistant Non- Invasive Practitioner

Dulce Serrano has embraced a lifestyle change that will motivate generations after her. Loosing over 100 pounds Dulce discovered body contouring as a way to assist her in her weight loss journey. Dulce joined the Reset family in 2021 as a travel trainer assistant providing bi-lingual needs. Dulce is here for all of our Spanish speaking clientele and trainees to accommodate them and allow them to have an amazing RESET experience. 


Zaquora Orr

Non- Invasive Practitioner Tech

Zaquora Orr has been with Reset since November 2020. Zaquora is a loving mother of 3 who always strives for excellence. Zaquora's attention to detail gives her clients their desired results. Zaquora is best known for he Lipo treatments. Book with Zaquora today.